What to Expect

Everything you need to know for first time patients


Bay Veterinary Dermatology requires a referral from your primary veterinarian before you schedule your first appointment. This allows us to acquire important information about your pet's medical history and work closely with your primary veterinarian to obtain the best possible treatment outcome. After your vet has submitted a referral form on your pet's behalf, you may call the location of your choice to set up an appointment.

Scheduling an appointment

After your vet has referred you, please visit the locations tab above. You may call and schedule an appointment at the clinic that is most convenient for you. Be sure to request the dermatologist, Dr. Friedman, when you schedule!

Questions and refill requests

Please call the clinic location where your pet was treated with questions, concerns, and refill requests.

How to prepare for the first visit

  • Please discontinue all topical medications (shampoos, sprays, ear flushes, ear ointments) 3-5 days prior to your appointment time.
  • Please continue administration of systemic medications as previously prescribed by your veterinarian (antibiotics, seizure medications, heart disease medications, heartworm preventatives, etc.)
  • Particularly if allergies are a concern, please bring all of your pet's food/treat bags with you. If the bags are large, a clear photo of the bag front and ingredient list will suffice, or information necessary to look the bag up online.
  • Please bring all topical and oral medications you are currently giving your pet so the doctor may examine them.
  • If your pet is being referred for a procedure such as intradermal allergy testing or a biopsy, please do not feed your dog after midnight before your appointment. They may have access to water.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for the first visit. While it may take less time, it is so important that our doctor has adequate time to examine your pet and communicate with you. If procedures are to be performed after the initial consultation you may be able to leave your pet and pick them up at an indicated time.
  • A consultation consisting of a complete review of your pet’s history/medical record, exam, and discussion is usually required before any procedures are performed on your pet. Sometimes the diagnostic or treatment plan may deviate from what your primary veterinarian prepared you for, but all of the doctor’s recommendations are made to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your pet.
  • Common drug withdrawal times for intradermal skin testing are:
    • 4 weeks for topical, oral, or short-acting injectable steroids
    • 8-12 weeks for long acting injectable steroids
    • 2 weeks for antihistamines
    • 48 hours for ketoconazole, acepromazine, Valium